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TMJ in Deephaven

The temporal-mandibular joint, or TMJ, is where your jaw is connected to your head. This joint can be affected by misaligned teeth, trauma, or muscle tension. There are two bones, five muscles and cartilage in this joint, so if something goes wrong it can have serious consequences.

TMJ disorder, also called “TMJ” is a family of symptoms caused by problems in the temporal-mandibular joint. Common symptoms include headaches, earaches, trouble or pain when you open and close your mouth, “popping” in your jaw and jaw and facial pain.

Treatment for TMJ can include replacing missing teeth, moving or realigning teeth, adjusting your bite, or filling gaps between teeth. A plastic mouthpiece can be used to prevent any grinding or clenching that may be aggravating the problem.

In serious cases, physiotherapy or surgery may be necessary to relieve the stress on the joint.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of TMJ, call our office to book an examination.

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